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…and back to where perfumes are symphonies of notes, and in every way, similar to music compositions. You be the judge.

Over the years, I’ve delved into the mystery of perfumes and the intimate histories behind each precious natural drop, passionately in pursuit of familiarity with aromatics, which I accomplish by blending the oils in such a way as to design the composition to evolve at different rates and thereby create a symphony of aromatic notes.

tuberose lonr 640 x 582 copy

Indian Tuberose

These aromatic compositions utilize earth-borne ingredients, and result in simple but mysterious fragrances that are harmonious and aesthetically satisfying.

Creating perfumes from a natural palette is challenging, and opens possibilities far beyond the treasured fragrances of the past.

My Inspiration comes from living in New Mexico, from here, I can see the world. Enjoy your journey          

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Flask Rio Grand

Over the Rio Grande, White Rock NM – 1987

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