Living in New Mexico is a true inspiration

Santa Fe Botanical Fragrances

Established on April 2, 1987.

I established Santa Fe Botanical Fragrances thirty years ago, when I realized that many people desired authentic natural perfumes and and aromatherapy products made with botanical aromatics. As a perfumer, I had the opportunity to enjoy natural aromatics. at the fragrance companies I worked for, however, they use very small percentages in their fragrances. They are too expensive to be marketed on a very large scale.

Sampling Sage over the Rio Grande, White Rock NM in 1987

Botanical perfumes and colognes are designed to create a sense of art and beauty. 
An adornment that is sympathetic to nature and promotes bio-diversity. Offering a collection of opulence composed with rare and precious natural ingredients gathered worldwide.”   © 2012
 When I come home to New Mexico,  I am continually inspired. From here, I can see the world.
Created for your pleasure.   Enjoy your journey.



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