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Creating the Fragrance

A commercial perfumer usually trains as an apprentice for a minimum of six years and must have the ability to “visualize” a scent and construct it using their olfactory memory, just as an artist draws upon memory of color and form.

Christine Malcolm in the Rose FieldsWhen I create a fragrance, I try to materialize the moods and imagery of a scent, and capture what I already have a mental picture of and write it on paper. This is called a fragrance formulation. It is from this aromatic score or formulation that I compound the blend according to ingredient and quantity.

Botanical perfumery can be accomplished by anyone who has a good relationship with essential oils and who knows the oils from both the olfactive reality and memory impression By utilizing these aromatic ingredients as a painter would from their palette of colors, a fragrance is born. Of course some training in the art is necessary.

This knowledge is gained by smelling and using the oils on a daily basis. When using aromatic chemicals, there are thousands to commit to memory, while only the knowledge of twenty to forty natural essential oils and extracts is necessary to create perfume and aromatherapy blends. The novice perfumer begins learning the craft by making simple blends of two, three, four, and five essences ‘in varying combinations.

Christine is offering courses and training that will give you a good platform on which to do this.Please contact me by email.

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