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Natural Perfumes & Colognes

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  • Natural Perfumes
  • Botanical Colognes
  • Facial Moisturizer oils
  • Anoint Perfume oils
  • Aromatherapy Essential oil blends

Classic Avant-Garde designed natural creations are blended with rare and precious aromatic ingredients grown worldwide with respect for Eco-Cultural Diversity™.  Ancient wisdom and new technology are artfully blended to create fragrances that are more than adornment, but also tonics of inspiration and transformation.

Essential oils and aromatics extracted from flowers, plants and trees are combined into organic grape alcohol or organic jojoba oil, and we go to extraordinary measures to assure quality, integrity and authenticity.

The Santa Fe Botanical Natural Fragrance Collection honors the subtle, refreshing and the mysterious. Botanical perfumes and aromatics serve us in developing awareness of our inner world by connecting us with our environment through our botanical heritage. Essences extracted from botanicals have the ability to bring about harmony and balance. Natural perfumes fragrances are deeply satisfying and offer an intriguing alternative.

Our exquisite line of products consist of:Screenshot-2014-02-26-18.29.24-171x300

International shipping via web is currently unavailable.Please email info@santafefragrance.com for instructions.